Recruitment for glass making company in USA, Germany and China

Glass production involves 2 main strategies – the float glass method that produces sheet glass, and glassblowing that produces bottles and other vessels.

Float glass is the most generally used kind of glass in consumer product. because of both its top quality with no further polishing needed and its structural flexibility throughout production, it can simply be shaped and bent into a variety of forms while in a very heated, syrupy state. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications like:

Automobile glass (e.g. windshields, windows, mirrors)
Furniture (e.g. in tables and shelves)
Insulated glass
Windows and doors
Glassblowing is a glassforming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble (or parison) with the help of a blowpipe (or blow tube). an individual who blows glass is called a glassblower, glassmith, or gaffer.

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Job avalable in our various factory in USA, China and Germany.

This duties are expected from the worker
1) Dip ends of blowpipes into molten glass to collect gobs on pipe heads, or cut gobs from liquefied glass, using shears.
2) Heat glass to flexible stage, using gas flames or ovens, and rotating glass to heat it uniformly.
3) Inspect, weigh, and live products to verify conformity to specifications, using instruments like micrometers, calipers, magnifiers, and rulers.
4) Place electrodes in tube ends and heat them with glass burners to fuse them into place.
5) Place glass into dies or molds of presses, and control presses to create product like glassware parts or optical blanks.
6) Place rubber hoses on ends of tubing, and charge tubing with gas.
7) Repair broken scrolls by exchange them with new sections of tubing.
8) set up and regulate machine press stroke lengths and pressures, and regulate oven temperatures in line with glass types to be processed.

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